• Alberto Gaffuri
  • Recording Engineer
  • Mixing Engineer
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Passionate. Creative. Artistic. Precise. Happy.

Words most commonly used to describe Alberto.
His love of music inspires him and it’s that passion for the music industry that gives him the drive to create music and do it well.
Those that have worked with him can agree that his work philosophy is a rare find and his cheerful demeanor a pleasure to work with.

Alberto’s experience stretches throughout Europe and the United States with a long history of working along side top producers, engineers and musicians.
He believes in the classic recording and mixing concept of ‘everyone in the same room’ that allows for an open communication of ideas between artist and engineer.
This collective flow during the creative process is a winning element in achieving a solid output.





Rumatera - Punk/Rock band - Venezia, IT

Alberto (Gaffu) è uno che ci crede fino in fondo e fortuna vuole che sia anche bravissimo. Ma il fatto che prenda a cuore i progetti musicali a cui sta lavorando aumenta spaventosamente il risultato finale. Grande stacanovista di estrema professionalità e di eccezionale cortesia, amico e collega, sognatore e figlio del rock’n’roll.

Joshua J. Smith - Movie director/Producer
Los Angeles, CA

I directed a country music feature film @buckshotmovie that required us to record the songs portrayed on camera ahead of time. I was lucky enough to find Alberto who was a godsend. He not only created a unique recording but brought a brilliant ear in the mixing arena as well. His contributions on the film have been heralded by the audiences that has seen the movie so far. I would highly recommend him on your next project.

Mik - Singer/Songwriter - Pordenone, IT

Registrare è un atto molto intimo.
È diverso dal suonare dal vivo, dove la cosa è più fisica e si gioca a carte scoperte. Alberto è fantastico perchè quando lavora è identico a sè stesso: disponibile, gentile, delicato, propositivo e... ENTUSIASTA. Quindi indipendentemente dalle sue abilità tecniche indiscusse farà sempre del suo meglio per assistervi, che voi stiate registrando in studio, o che voi stiate performando live. Non affosserà mai le vostre necessità e cercherà invece di tirare a lustro la vostra sensibilità. Ovunque, in qualsiasi situazione.
E quando intendo qualsiasi, intendo proprio TUTTE.

Sandy - Sofar Sounds - Los Angeles

Alberto is the best sound engineer I’ve ever worked with. He’s unbelievably professional and always the first person at an event setting up meticulously. There’s nothing like the calming feeling of going to a show and seeing Alberto and knowing at the very least: it WILL sound good. If I needed sound on a daily basis, he would hands down be my go to.

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